Kerr Shop

About This Project

The Kerr Shop showcases four of Taylor Metal’s panels! Easy-Lock™ Standing Seam with accent ribs and notching is the panel applied to the roof, the width is 12″, the gauge is 26 and the color is Zinc Grey (Kynar 500®).  The panel installed horizontally on the walls of the building is HR-34, the width is 34″, the gauge is 24 and the color is Dark Bronze (Kynar 500®). Yet to be photographed are GR-7 and Lifetime Soffit panels. Gr-7 can be seen on the soffits and lean-to of the building in the color Hickory (ArmorTech), width is 36″ and the gauge is 29. The remaining soffits feature perforated and non-perforated Lifetime Soffit panels, the width is 1 x 12-5/8″, the gauge is 26 and the color is Dark Bronze (Kynar 500®).

This exquisite project is located in West Salem, Oregon

Installer: TK Fabrication located in Monmouth, OR

See more on these panels: Easy-Lock™, HR-34

Check out this project’s drone video!