Pacific Pattern™

Pacific Pattern™ panel gives a smooth shingle appearance with 90% fewer seams. This pattern is installed horizontally, beginning at the ridgeline and finishing at eave edge.

Features & Benefits

  • 12″ coverage

  • 24 gauge Tru-Gauge™ (11-7/8″ actual coverage)

  • Factory applied foam backer makes for a quiet and walkable panel

  • Standard panel lengths 2′ to 50′ (for longer panels, please inquire)

  • Custom flashing for all conditions available

  • 1″ vertical height

  • Concealed fasteners: fasteners cannot leak

  • UL Class A fire rated

  • 4:12 minimum pitch recommended: for lower pitches, please inquire

Material Specifications

  • 24 gauge Kynar 500® Painted Steel .0236″ (thickness prior to painting) Galvanized G-90 or Zincalume® AZ-50 Per ASTM A-792
  • 24 gauge Zincalume® Plus AZ-55 Per ASTM A-792 (no finish warranty  – 25 year perforation warranty)
  • 16 and 20 ounce Copper


  • 11 Standard Colors, 1 Metallic Color and 3 Specialized Colors
  • Vintage® has a color range that can vary from batch-to-batch and have directional variations
  • Kynar 500® Paint System-the ultimate in exterior durability and color retention
  • “Cool” color pigments are specially designed to reflect infrared light, reducing heat gain to dwelling, and conform with ENERGY STAR® criteria
  • Superior quality, two-coat, 70% resin finish, applied at a 1 mil. thickness
  • 40-year residential paint warranty
  • 20 and 30 year commercial paint warranty: Contact TMP for warranty specifications
Pacific Pattern Spec Sheet
Pacific Pattern Install Guide
Kynar 500® Color Chart
Kynar 500® Data Sheet Specifications
Kynar 500® Coated Steel LRV
Cool Roof Rating Council
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Kynar 500® 30 Year
Commercial Paint Warranty
Kynar 500® 40 Year
Residential Paint Warranty
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Vintage® Warranty
Alumiguard™ 20 Year
Residential Paint Warranty
Alumiguard™ 40 Year
Residential Paint Warranty
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Kynar 500® 20 Year
Puget Sound Warranty
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