Introducing DR!PSTOP, a different way of dealing with condensation on uninsulated metal roofs or in a simpler, more economical way.

Dr!pStop absorbs and holds moisture when weather conditions cause condensation to occur, it holds the moisture in specifically designed pockets in the membrane. When the weather changes to above the dew point, the moisture is released back into the air as normal humidity. The bond holding the water is so strong, that even at a forty-five degree slope it still holds 26 ounces of moisture. Dr!pStop can hold more than one quart of water per ten square feet of space.

One of the defining properties for any building is keeping the contents safe from the elements. If condensation from your metal roof is causing the contents to be rained on, your structure is not providing this basic function. Dr!pStop condensation control membrane is a cost effective solution for preventing dripping caused by condensation. Whether you are protecting livestock or equipment, Dr!pStop is a name that you can trust.

Does Dr!pStop actually stop condensation? While it does a wonderful job trapping condensation, Dr!pStop cannot stop it from happening. For Dr!pStop to function properly, you must have adequate ventilation to allow the moisture in the membrane to dry out as part of its cycle for the product to work to its full potential.

Advantages on Uninsulated Metal Roofs:

• Helps fight corrosion

• Easy to Clean

• Stops bird nesting trouble

• Reduces rain noise

• Durable, rip & tear resistant

• Saves money on installation

• Cuts down construction time

• Reduces risk of injury during installation



How Dr!pStop works:

Water is absorbed into the fibers of the DR!PSTOP membrane

At the dew point, water is trapped in the DR!PSTOP membrane

As temperature rises the water evaporates into the atmosphere


“Cant thank you enough for introducing us here at Big Pine Construction to such a for real product.

It saves us so much time compared to other similar products.  Just in application time. We are sold on Drip stop. 

Metal still goes together beautifully with Drip stop added.” – John B.

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