The Benefits of Switching to a Metal Roof For Your Home

The Benefits of Switching to a Metal Roof For Your Home

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In a weird sort of way, the benefits of switching over to a metal roof can be easily explained and understood by looking at the decision in the context of roller coasters. A favorite pastime of Americans, roller coasters have been around for a very long time. The first ones were made of wood (and several in operation today still are), but technological advancements and leaps in our engineering capabilities have seen the country switch almost entirely to steel coasters.

It’s here where the benefits of choosing a metal roof to replace your wooden one can be clearly understood.

Most of the homes we and the rest of Americans live in have wooden roofs. Wood has been the primary residential roofing material in America for years. Combined with the shingles on top of them, they are incredibly effective at warding off elements like wind and rain.

However, much like with roller coasters, roofs made of wood are not quite as cost-effective or durable as the newer residential metal roofing materials. Not only are metal roofing materials quite a bit more effective when it comes to durability than wooden roofs, but there is a slew of other benefits that come along with making the switch.

Consider the following: most homes lose up 40% of their total heat through the attic. Heat rises, so that’s the last place it usually ends up before diffusing back out into the outdoors. Wooden roofs aren’t very good at holding that hot air in, at least not when compared to their metallic cousins.

Residential metal roofing materials are designed to absorb or reflect sunlight in such a way that less air escapes from the home through the roof. In other words, less heat is transferred between the outdoors and your home thanks to the metal roof sheets.

A metal roof will help trap the air inside and prevent it from escaping, allowing homeowners to save up to 20% of their energy costs. That’s a serious amount of money, and it will stress your HVAC systems less.

If you’d like to save some money on your home’s monthly upkeep, as well as ensure you’re using the latest and greatest materials on the market today, you’ve got to go with custom metal roofing.