Contour Express Series™ (produced in OR)

Contour Express Series™ offers faster lead times than Contour Series™  and Contour Reveal™! Contour Express panels give you various design options for siding and soffit applications. Whether you are looking for clean consistent lines or want to mix and match different profiles, either option will give your building a lifetime of elegance.

Features & Benefits

  • FASTER lead times than Contour Series™ & Contour Reveal™
  • 8″ and 16″ panel coverage
  • Horizontal or vertical application
  • CE-A: 3‘ to 60’ panel lengths – longer panel runs!
  • CE-B & CE-E: 2′ to 20′ panel lengths
  • Seamless runs, fewer runs and less labor = less expensive
  • 7/8″ deep panel
  • Contour Express Series™ panels are interchangeable
  • Acceptable for use as a soffit panel
  • Available with screw flange or clip flange
  • Clip systems available – flush mount and high performance standoff clip
  • Call about our joint sealant option
  • Tested for: ASTM E283, E330 and E331

StandOff Clip


Standoff clips are used when ventilation between the panel and substrate is desired.

Standard Clip 


Standard clips are used when flush mounting the panel to the substrate.

Material Specifications

  • 24 gauge Kynar 500® Painted Steel .0236″ (thickness prior to painting) Galvanized G-90 or Zincalume® AZ-50 Per ASTM A-792
  • 22 & 24 gauge Zincalume® Plus AZ-55 Per ASTM A-792 (no finish warranty  – 25 year perforation warranty)
  • 22 gauge Kynar 500® Painted Steel .029″ (thickness prior to painting) Galvanized G-90 or Zincalume® AZ-50 Per ASTM A-792: Select colors, please inquire for details
  • 16 and 20 ounce Copper


  • 21 Standard Colors, 5 Metallic Colors and 4 Specialized Colors
  • Vintage® has a color range that can vary from batch-to-batch and have directional variations
  • Kynar 500® Paint System-the ultimate in exterior durability and color retention
  • “Cool” color pigments are specially designed to reflect infrared light, reducing heat gain to dwelling, and conform with ENERGY STAR® criteria
  • Superior quality, two-coat, 70% resin finish, applied at a 1 mil. thickness
  • 40-year residential paint warranty
  • 20 and 30 year commercial paint warranty: Contact TMP for warranty specifications
Contour Express Series™ Spec Sheet
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Contour Reveal™ Brochure
Contour Series™ Installation Guide
Maintenance of Painted Metal Roofing and Siding
Kynar 500® Color Chart
Kynar 500® Color Chart – Paint Specs
Kynar 500® Data Sheet Specifications
Kynar 500® Coated Steel LRV
Zincalume® Plus Info Sheet
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Kynar 500® 30 Year
Commercial Warranty
Kynar 500® 40 Year
Residential Warranty
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No Finish Warranty – 25 Year Perforation Warranty
Vintage® Warranty
Alumiguard™ 20 Year
Residential Paint Warranty
Alumiguard™ 20 Year
Commercial Paint Warranty
Alumiguard™ 40 Year
Residential Paint Warranty
Warranty Registration Card
Kynar 500® 20 Year
Puget Sound Warranty
(WA only)
MarineGuard™ 20 Year
Contour C-1
Load/Span Tables

Contour Express Series™ Specifications (without notes)

Contour Express Series™ Specifications (with notes)