Common Metal Roofing Misconceptions

Common Metal Roofing Misconceptions

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You may know that using metal roofing products for your home or business can offer an eco-friendly and energy efficient option that’s virtually maintenance-free. With all of the benefits that commercial and residential metal roofing can provide, you’d think everyone would want to install steel roofing materials on their property. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about metal roofing supplies that continue to circulate, and that may discourage some people from exploring a metal roof as a viable option. Here’s a little list we’ve compiled in order to dispel some of these false metal roofing rumors. You’ll soon see why steel roofing materials are an excellent choice for many homeowners and business owners.

Aren’t metal roofs ugly?

In truth, you probably see attractive metal roofs every day without ever realizing it. That’s because steel roof supplies can be designed to imitate other types of materials like tile, slate, shingles, and more. No one will be able to tell the difference! Best of all, painted metal roofs retain 95% of their original reflective quality over time. So if you want your metal roof to be painted like terra cotta tile to fit the style of your home, it will look great and be just as effective at keeping your home cool for many years to come.

But don’t metal roof sheets rust?

Actually, metal roofs receive a special coating made of either zinc or a zinc and aluminum combination to prevent rust. If you want to paint your steel roofing materials, the paint goes over this protective sealant. This results in long lasting effects that require virtually no maintenance.

What about dents?

You might think that because your roof is metal, it could easily be dented by branches, debris, or weather conditions like hail and wind. Although it’s important to trim trees and branches to prevent scratching your metal roof, you don’t have to worry about extreme weather conditions resulting in damage. Metal roof sheets can withstand up to 150-mph winds! So you can be secure in the knowledge that wind or hail storms won’t be a danger to the quality of your roof.

I’ve heard metal roofs are noisier

A lot of people have this idea that even light rain can cause total cacophony on a metal roof. In reality, metal roofing may actually provide you with more peace and quiet than other roofs! Solid sheathing is installed underneath your steel roofing materials. This will muffle noises from rain and bad weather.

Can’t they be struck by lightning?

Some people think that having a metal roof is like carrying an umbrella in a lightning storm. The truth is that neither of these things puts you in danger. Contrary to popular belief, metal does not attract lightning. Having a metal roof will not make your home more likely to be struck by lightning. And in the extremely rare event that your home is struck by lightning, having a metal roof would actually help keep your family safe by dispersing energy throughout the home. Metal roofs are not flammable or combustible, so they’re actually a great choice for severe weather conditions.

We hope we’ve put these metal roofing rumors to rest. Overall, metal roofing supplies are a great investment. Metal roofs require little to no maintenance, are eco-friendly, and look great — plus, they can keep your family comfortable and safe. If you’re interested in finding out more about residential metal roofing services, please contact us today.