Metal Roofs in Winter: A Few FAQs

Metal Roofs in Winter: A Few FAQs

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Winter weather can understandably be a big concern for homeowners. After all, the typical homeowner spends anywhere from 1% to 4% of their home’s value on maintenance and repairs every year. In many parts of the country, a bad storm or heavy snowfall can inflict major damage on a house’s roof. While ice and snow are typically the enemy of roofs everywhere, residential metal roofs provide much better protection from winter weather damage than many other types of residential roofing.

But, understandably, many customers still have questions about residential metal roofs and how well they hold up to harsh winter conditions. To help ease their minds, we’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions our roofing clients get about metal roofing supplies and winter weather. That way, when you’re asked these questions, you’ll be prepared.

Will snow and ice pile up on my metal roof?

Unlike other types of materials, residential metal roofs are designed to keep the elements from damaging a home. Snow and ice will literally slide right off your roof. This means you won’t ever have to worry about ice dams, which can cause extensive water damage both inside and outside a home. And because metal roofs are so durable, you won’t need to be concerned about ice and snow doing harm to your roof or gutters.

If snow and ice slide off so easily, can this cause damage to areas down below?

You can actually equip your metal roof with snow guards or heating cables to eliminate the risk of sliding ice and snow. It may seem odd, but if you have heat sources under your roof or in the attic, you can make sure that snow melts and is shed from the roof in an effective way without doing damage to anything on the ground. You can also get custom metal roofing that’s tailor-made for your home, which can help eliminate any remaining safety concerns.

If my current roof needs to be replaced in the middle of winter, what can I do?

You might be surprised to learn that wintertime metal roof installations aren’t that uncommon. One heavy snowfall can be the last straw for other types of roofs, which means that emergency metal roof installations occur quite a bit during this time of year. While it can be tricky to install other types of roofing materials in winter, metal roofs are much more winter-friendly in all aspects. If you find you need a new roof this winter, metal is definitely your best bet.

Residential metal roofs can protect your clients’ homes during the roughest of winters. Our metal roofing supplies help your clients stay warm, dry, and safe this winter. To find out more, get in touch with us today.