Dos and Don’ts of Metal Roof Maintenance

Dos and Don’ts of Metal Roof Maintenance

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Roofing materials suppliers will rightly tell you that residential metal roofs are one of the longest-lasting options you can buy, and they don’t require much work. In fact, they’ve been proven to last more than 30 years with minimal maintenance. However, there are a few things you can do (and can avoid) to ensure your metal roofing products last for as long as possible. Here are a few dos and don’ts to follow in order to extend the life of your metal roof:


  • Clean your gutters
    To ensure the longevity of residential metal roofing, you need to keep gutters clear of debris. This is especially true if your home is surrounded by a lot of trees — but even if it’s not, you should do this at least twice a year. If you’re in a tree-heavy area, you should clean them more often, as leaves and dirt in your gutters can actually prevent your metal roof from drying out after rain and snowfall. When your roof can’t dry, it can corrode and require replacement.
  • Keep branches away
    Not only can leaves and debris get into your gutters, but branches from trees and bushes can also scratch up your roof. If a hard branch rubs and scratches against your roof enough, it can really damage the metal roof sheets. It’s best to keep branches trimmed so that they are at least six inches away from your roof.
  • Watch and wash
    You should keep an eye on your roof at least twice a year, as well as following severe storms. If you see dirt or stains on your roof, you can gently wash the roof with water and a solvent cleaner. Always rinse to prevent any leftover residue.


  • Walk on it more than necessary
    Although some foot traffic is unavoidable (especially during installation), you should limit the amount you walk on your roof. Even though they’re durable enough to withstand the weight, it’s not advisable to walk on metal roofs on a regular basis. If you must walk on top of your metal roof, be sure you’re familiar with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Paint with a sprayer
    It’s all too easy for over-spray to end up on your roof! Any little breeze can damage the appearance of your metal roof, and there’s almost no way to save the existing metal roofing supplies once paint gets on them. Always opt for a brush or a roller instead of a sprayer.
  • Attempt installation yourself
    Your roof is an incredibly important part of your home, and if it’s not put together correctly, you risk damaging other parts of your house. Although some people are successful at self-installation, it’s always recommended that you contact a residential metal roofing company to ensure the job is done correctly. Expert roofing materials suppliers can go over your options for practicality and aesthetics, and will know which metals should not come in contact with your roof materials. You’ll be secure in the knowledge that your roof will look great and function perfectly.

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